Future Location to Include Virtual Reality, Private Event Space, and Eight Lanes of Boutique Bowling.

LAKELAND, TN (August 20, 2019) – The big screen at The Lake District is getting bigger! Last summer, MALCO Theatres, the 103-year-old, state-of-the-art movie theatre chain based in Memphis, announced they were opening a 38,000 square foot theatre complex in Phase 1 of The Lake District. Today, it has been revealed that MALCO’s plans for The Lake District have expanded and now call for an additional 5,625 square feet to include a whole lot more than movies.

David Tashie, President & COO of MALCO Theatres said, “As we finalize plans for The Lake District project, we have decided to add additional amenities to our luxury cinema to include eight lanes of boutique bowling, space for private events and areas dedicated to emerging technologies, such as virtual reality.”

Developer of The Lake District, Yehuda Netanel said, “Projects with the size and scope of The Lake District tend to attract businesses with visionary founders and leaders. True to their history, the team at MALCO, is once again redefining what it means to go to the movies.” Netanel continued, “This announcement comes on the tails of an inked deal that will provide The Lake District with the country’s most advanced technology infrastructure. We are going to deliver the highest speed internet available in the United States. The stage is set to provide everyone at The Lake District with an experience that seamlessly integrates the digital world with reality.”

Netanel praised David Tashie and his team’s foresight in recognizing that the future of retail is evolving towards an environment of entertainment and shared experiences. He noted that The Lake District is designed to embrace this exciting future and is thrilled to have innovative tenants like MALCO Theatres take full advantage of emerging technologies. More details related to the advanced technological infrastructure are coming next week.

Director of Development for The Lake District, Maggie Gallagher said, “When you look at our list of tenants, you see names that represent the best of Memphis and the surrounding region. We have the tastemakers like Carmen Bond and Social, and sweet visionaries like Philip Ashley Rix of Philip Ashley Chocolates. We have smoking-hot trailblazers like Melissa Cookston of Memphis Barbecue Co., the culinary stewards of authentic Mexican cuisine at Frida’s Restaurante Mexicano, and so much more. MALCO Theatres’ decision to expand their concept reinforces the fact that The Lake District is the future of retail.”

Newly released rendering of Phase 1 of The Lake District

The full list of tenants include: Carmen Bond and Social, Phillip Ashley Chocolates, Frida’s Restaurante Mexicano, Osaka Japanese Cuisine, Memphis BBQ Co., Brickhouse Fitness, Elite Total Health, Starbucks, MALCO Theatres, Gould’s Salon and Spa, Gloss Nail Bar, The Stock Market, a 6,000sf Wine and Liquor Store by the Kardoush Brothers and Hollywood Feed. More announcements coming soon.

To learn more about The Lake District, please visit www.thelakedistrict.us, and follow @TheLakeDistrictTN on Facebook.

Retailers are encouraged to contact Maggie Gallagher, Director of Development, via:

Phone: 901-229-9690

Email: Maggie@TheLakeDistrict.us

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About The Lake District:

The Lake District is an upscale 160+ acre mixed-use community surrounding a 10-acre lake and waterways in Lakeland, Tennessee, just outside of Memphis. Designed as a walkable village, The Lake District is a luxurious community with elegant water features threaded throughout its five premier districts: Inline Retail District, Main Street District (curated retail, chef-driven restaurants and cafes), Hotel District (two hotels, one with lake view), Pad Sites & Office District (75,000 sq.ft of office space with lake views), and the Residential District (age restricted living, Downtown-style lofts and custom single family homes). Phase 1 schedule of delivery of space for tenant build out is fall of 2020, with businesses opening for the 2020 holidays.

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