Creating a Beautiful Environment by Protecting the Environment

Demolition of the old mall is well underway and while the structure is being torn down, The Lake District is focused on recycling as much material as possible to help reduce the environmental impact that comes with construction projects.  About 85% of the material (by weight) in the old mall is being used to create the future. This material, composed of recycled steel and aluminum extracted from the site, will find its future in the form of new machines, cars, buildings, and some will actually never leave the site at all becoming a part of The Lake District!

There are about 45,000 tons of concrete, masonry, and asphalt on site already, in the form of foundation, masonry walls, concrete slabs, and asphalt. All will be pulverized on site to become clean aggregates.

The Lake District will require a very large volume of aggregates road base material. The new 1 million square feet of parking will be paved over an 8” thick layer of road base. The new main streets will have 12” deep aggregate base. Almost half will be sourced from the material already on site.

Because of our recycling efforts, about 3,500 truckloads of aggregates (equating to an 8-mile long convoy of heavy trucks) will not need to be delivered, helping to reduce the overall environmental impact.

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