The Gonzalez Family Looks Forward to Serving Their Family Recipes and 2-Tone Margaritas Lakeside in 2021

 LAKELAND, TN (FEBRUARY 27, 2019) – Local restaurateur Lauriano Gonzalez devotes himself to the finer things in life: art, cuisine, and tequila. In 2021, when they open The Lake District branch of Frida’s Restaurante Mexicano the Gonzalez family will expand their entrepreneurial admiration for Mexican artist and feminist Frida Kahlo. Kahlo’s indomitable spirit is beautifully represented in the cuisine and interior design of the original Frida’s in Midtown District and its sequel in Collierville.

Gonzalez explained, “Frida Kahlo once said ‘I am the subject I know best.’ We at Frida’s Restaurante Mexicano take that quote seriously. We opened Frida’s with a different idea of Mexican Restaurants. By serving the largest collection of tequila in the south and serving a mix of real Mexican food. Frida was an incredibly unique and transformational person. We strive to deliver experiences she would have embraced, which is why we chose The Lake District as our new home.”

Maggie Gallagher, Director of Development for The Lake District said, “As one of our premier waterfront restaurants with a neighboring hotel, Frida’s Restaurante Mexicano will surely be a favorite for area residents as well as travelers and tourists from all over the country.”

The beauty of The Lake District offers the perfect backdrop for house specialties such as Tamales Mexicanos, mango-orange margaritas, and traditional flan for dessert. After dining at Frida’s, patrons can walk along the lakeside paths and the storefront walkways of the Retail District–just as thousands do today, in the Villa Coyoacán district of Mexico City, where Kahlo was born.

“The Lake District reminds residents, shoppers, and diners of life on a smaller more intimate scale, far away from big-box stores and massive parking lots,” noted Yehuda Netanel, owner of Gilad Development Inc., the Lake District’s developer. “And with their family recipes and hand-crafted tequilas, Frida’s reminds us of the joy of experiences on a smaller scale. We’re proud to be home to the next Frida’s, and to expand our showcase of regional entrepreneurs at The Lake District.”

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