LAKELAND, TN (August 30, 2019) – The visionary undertaking of The Lake District, a 160+ acre high-end mixed-use community, has been making waves that reach far beyond Lakeland, TN and well outside the retail industry. Over the past year, The Lake District became the focus of innovative technology service providers competing to serve the community. This week, it has been announced that after months of planning and negotiating, AT&T has been selected to provide The Lake District with the nation’s most advanced technology infrastructure.

According to developer, Yehuda Netanel, AT&T proposed making The Lake District a part of their Digital Connected Community. Key features include the entire infrastructure built 100% on fiber optic cables, enabling the fastest internet connectivity in the country. Netanel said, “Both residents and business will have access to ultra-high-speed internet on AT&T’s 100% fiber network. We’re committed to making The Lake District more than just the future of retail, we’re making it the future of communities.”

The implications of an entire community built with this technology at its core are far reaching. Companies like MALCO Theatres can feel confident integrating emerging technologies, like virtual reality, into their business model knowing they have the support from AT&T’s infrastructure. Director of Development, Maggie Gallagher said, “We are embracing how the digital world continues to cross-over into every aspect of our daily lives. AT&T has spared no expense developing a system that offers not only modern-day conveniences like designated spaces with free high-speed wi-fi at least 10x faster than wi-fi currently available. But also, futuristic experiences including augmented reality and support for cutting edge special events featuring choreographed drone light shows! Our technology rivals that of some of the most iconic amusement parks in the United States.”

According to Netanel, one of the most compelling features AT&T presented was their approach to fiber optic internet. In most cases, end-users do not experience the full capabilities of fiber optics because homes connect to the infrastructure via outdated slow copper wires. Homes (and businesses) at The Lake District will connect directly to the fiber infrastructure without being slowed down by old technology.

Netanel continued, “In addition to providing The Lake District with fiber optic internet, AT&T will be opening up a new generation concept store next to Starbucks that will incorporate the latest technology in the way it is conveyed to the consumer. More than a tenant, they are our technology partner providing everyone in The Lake District access to endless possibilities.”

The full list of tenants include: Carmen Bond and Social, Phillip Ashley Chocolates, Frida’s Restaurante Mexicano, Osaka Japanese Cuisine, Memphis BBQ Co., Brickhouse Fitness, Elite Total Health, Starbucks, MALCO Theatres, Gould’s Salon and Spa, Gloss Nail Bar, The Stock Market, a 6,000sf Wine and Liquor Store by the Kardoush Brothers and Hollywood Feed. More announcements coming soon.

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About The Lake District:

The Lake District is an upscale 160+ acre mixed-use community surrounding a 10-acre lake and waterways in Lakeland, Tennessee, just outside of Memphis. Designed as a walkable village, The Lake District is a luxurious community with elegant water features threaded throughout its five premier districts: Inline Retail District, Main Street District (curated retail, chef-driven restaurants and cafes), Hotel District (two hotels, one with lake view), Pad Sites & Office District (75,000 sq.ft of office space with lake views), and the Residential District (age restricted living, Downtown-style lofts and custom single family homes). Phase 1 schedule of delivery of space for tenant build out is fall of 2020, with businesses opening for the 2020 holidays.

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