We’re Shaping The Future of Tennessee

The Lake District will offer the finest in retail and restaurant experiences as well as luxury lifestyle living with single-family homes available to build. Built around our 10-acre sapphire lake, The Lake District has an atmosphere of comfort and beauty. Slated for Phase 1 to open in 2020, The Lake District welcomes all inquiries for retail, restaurant, and residential opportunities. Fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page and we will be in touch with you. You may also email Maggie Gallagher, Director of Development, at Maggie@TheLakeDistrict.us for retail space leasing information and Billy Rodgers, Exclusive Real Estate Agent, at Billy@TheLakeDistrict.us for information about building a home.


The mid-south has primarily been considered “fly-over country” and as a result tends to get overlooked by people and businesses, resulting in less investment. We feel differently. The Lake District is a demonstration of our commitment to  progress

Progress. What Does It Take?

It takes vision, grit and drive to change perceptions and shape the future. What’s next for Lakeland and the greater Memphis area?

Here’s Our Vision

Lakeland, Tennessee, home to affluent residents and successful businesses, is primed for the addition of a stunning mixed-use lifestyle community.  That’s why we selected it as the home of The Lake District, a destination for consumers and families, the crown jewel of the region.

Here’s Our Grit

We’re shaping the future of Lakeland.

Lakeland Project Announces New Retail Commitments

“Over 100,000 square feet of retail space has been committed to by tenants…”

Memphis Business Journal


Recent Moves Show The Lake District is More Than a Pipedream

“Some estimates say that we’d almost double the entire city sales tax revenue with this one project when it’s all done.”

The Daily Memphian


Lakeland Mall Demolition Paves Way for Development Project

“It means better schools. It means better roadways. It means more economic development will breed more economic development. It’s critical,” Lakeland Mayor Wyatt Bunker said.

CBS WMC 5 Action News


Luxury Retail, Hotel Proposed for Former Lakeland Outlet Site

“An out-of-state developer wants to build a mixed-use development at the site of the former Lakeland Factory Outlet Mall.” -04/01/16 – Memphis Business journal

Memphis Business Journal


Here’s Our Drive.

It’s more than determination, it’s a reality. We’ve begun paving our main street, Lake District Drive. Soon it will be lined with shops, restaurants, and many happy people.

Fly To, Not Over

The Lake District is not just a regional destination. It will draw people and businesses from across the country. Forget “fly-over country”, we’re doing our part to make Lakeland a destination that is exciting for people from coast-to-coast.

Current Commitments

Lake District
Lake District
Lake District

Fast Facts


Lake District

Median Income of $98,939 within a 5-mile radius


Lake District

Population of 982,955 within a 20-mile radius


Lake District

37,938 Businesses (NAICS11-99) within a 20-mile radius


Lake District

62,581 AADT for the I-40 & Canada Rd. Intersection

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